Size chart


Denim is a difficult material due to its thickness and tendency to change form, so the tolerance level that is allowed in denim clothing for a given size is +/- 2 cm in circumference and length.

The same applies to colors. You will never meet two pairs of jeans that are the same, because washing the fabric and dyeing it always gives it an individual character. When buying denim products, you have to take into account that the colors and stone wash may vary from batch to batch.

If you have a problem with the colors, you can’t find the same pair of jeans.

If you have any problems with choosing the right size or need advice on the cut, please contact us by email

To choose the right size you can measure your body with a centimeter on bare skin or in thin clothes.

A – waist circumference – at the narrowest point of your torso or at the level of your belly button

B – hip circumference – at the widest part of the buttocks

C – bust circumference – at breast height

D – inside leg length – from crotch to bottom

E – outer leg length – from waist to bottom

F- leg width at calf

You can also look for pants or jackets that fit you well in your closet and compare their measurements with our table.

The dimensions of each product are shown below: