Denimou is a brand created out of love for denim, fashion and the environment. Just a few years ago we wanted to live up to the changing trends, but today the origin and quality of the material is as important as the cut. We want to offer you a range of sustainable denim garments that will be the basis of your everyday outfits. Our brand philosophy is to create denim that you will wear for years. We have ensured this by not only choosing high quality materials, but also by opting for timeless cuts that will never go out of fashion.


We respect the planet’s dwindling water resources, which is why conservation of this raw material is firmly embedded in the Denimou brand philosophy. The innovative production process of our material saves up to 95% of water and uses up to 95% less chemicals that have a destructive impact on the soil, rivers and seas. The certifications that our fabrics carry ensure a sustainable production process from the beginning of cotton cultivation to the production of the final fabric. Additionally, we donate 1% of sales to protect Polish rivers and fight drought.

We are not indifferent to details, so all labels are fully vegan. The inner labels come from 100% recycled materials, while the outer label was replaced with Wahspapa – an innovative material that is an alternative to natural leather and plastic “eco-leather”. What’s more, the buttons on the jackets and pants are free of nickel, which is harmful to the skin.


We package our products in reusable bags made from cornstarch, which are just as durable as plastic, but when disposed of in bio waste they decompose in just 6 months, leaving no harmful impact on the environment. As an alternative, we also offer 100% recycled cardboard boxes.

In the interest of the environment, we have also refrained from including unnecessary flyers, cards and foil fillers – you will find only good jeans in our packages.


In descriptions of our products you will find material composition, certificates and its origin. In addition, we will present the costs of production, to make our customers aware of what affects the final price of the product and why it is higher than in popular chain stores.

The design, construction and sewing of our clothes takes place in Poland..