In order for your favorite denim clothes to serve you for years, it is worth taking proper care of them. There is no denying that denim does not like washing. The same goes for all sewing accessories. Frequent contact with water and high temperatures can affect their form, color and durability, so wash your jeans only when they need it. Minor stains can be hand-washed, and an hour-long trip to the store is no reason to throw them in the washing machine. By forgoing frequent washing of your jeans, you are helping to protect the environment and water resources.

Before putting your clothes in the washing machine, always zip and button and turn your pants inside out. This will help protect the color and accessories. You can also put them in a protective net.

Wash at a maximum temperature of 30°. Denim garments are also recommended to be washed in cold water.

If you must iron your jeans, do so at a maximum temperature of 110°.

Although we do not recommend tumble drying, you can put them on the lowest heat setting. We recommend drying your jeans flat or hanging them by the waist, this will keep them in shape for a long time.

For the sake of the environment, also limit your use of strong detergents in favor of environmentally friendly ones.